Spartan Race Thailand – Pattaya 2017

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Spartan Thailand 2017 team Jurn

De Freesia Transport Services was honoured to host a group of fitness enthusiasts to Pattaya, Thailand last week for the inaugural Spartan Race in Thailand.  Captained by Mr. Jurn Chan, the team of seven (one missing from the picture above) was ferried from Bangkok to Pattaya and back in our comfortable transfer services. Clocking more Spartan Sprint medals than anyone else in the team, Captain Jurn led the team to a great finish, completing their 6.8km (actually 8.12km) race in 2h:43m.

Spartan Thailand 2017 race map

Having received clear instructions from the Captain Jurn, we made sure that all minor details were taken care of so that the team can have a comfortable ride back to their hotel after their race. Here’s what we prepared for the team:

7x Large towels for their seats
7x Medium towels for drying the racers
7x Small towels to drying their feet
7x Ice facial towels to refresh their tiredness
7x Cooling powder to dry their body and remove sand particles
1x Ice box filled with mineral water and Gatorade to restore energy
+ plastic bags for their wet sports gear and a comfortably cooled vehicle on standby… 😀

spartan race 2017 ice box towel

Just so you know what a #SpartanRace is, these are some pictures (including some from previous races) provided by one of the racers to us:

Spartan thailand race village 2017
Spartan Obstacles
Spartan Obstacles 2
spartan obstacles 3
Spartan Thailand 2017 Team Jurn

We will end off this post with a video feedback provided by one of the racers, Mr. Calvin Ng: