Muay Thai Gym Directory Launched!

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Named “Awesome Muay Thai”, this directory has been carefully produced to include everything that tourists, as well as Muay Thai fans and practitioners, need to know about this unique martial art; such as, where to watch Muay Thai matches, where to learn to become a Muay Thai practitioner, and where to buy Muay Thai gear and accessories.

Officially launched on 25th September 2019 by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, this “Awesome Muay Thai” directory features comprehensive information for tourists wanting to experience Thai boxing or Muay Thai martial art in its country of origin.

76 Muay Thai gyms across Thailand can be found in this directory, including important information of each gym’s – background, coach’s profile, courses, and Google Maps QR code. There is also a list of shops and stores selling Muay Thai gear and accessories and souvenirs. In addition, related Muay Thai facilities and services including hotels, resorts, spas, as well as shops to get Muay Thai tattoo symbols or Sak Yant tattoos, are listed.

The ‘Awesome Muay Thai’ directory can be downloaded in a PDF file or e-book format at