Maeklong Railway Market

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Maeklong Railway Market is about one hour drive from Bangkok centre.  It is a market which has a train running right through the middle of it, multiple times a day.

The Maeklong Railway Market has been around since 1905. It is found in the province of Samut Songkhram, located on the Gulf of Thailand. Fishing was (and still is) one of the main livelihoods of the people who lived here, and the market was another way in which to sell their goods.

The market offers everything you expect a Thai market to offer but the Maeklong Railway Market differentiates itself from the other markets by having a railway located in the middle. If the products for sale are not placed on the railway itself, they are placed really closed to it.

Tourists and the vendors gather together very close, but far enough, along the railway to let the train pass by safely.  For many tourists this is the moment to take a video or a picture of this impressive moment.  Right after the train has passed the stands, the vendors immediately place their belongings back at the railway and it looks like nothing has happened.

Maeklong Railway Market 2
Maeklong Railway Market 4

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