Going Coconuts in Thailand

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With the rising summer temperature in Thailand, coconut juice vendors are literally laughing to the bank as their business tripled in the past weeks. However, the following story is of no laughing matter…

In some parts of Thailand, the scorching heat had left four dead and put the corals in survival mode (and potentially at the verge of extinction); On Koh Torinla, 80 percent of the coral is now bleached, according to Songtum Suksawang, director of the national parks department. This is due to the risen seawater temperature to 31C (or more), which is higher than the optimum range of 23C to 29C.

Read more here: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/featured/2019/05/07/thailands-superheat-kills-4-humans-and-a-lot-of-coral/

If you are venturing to Thailand during the June holidays season, please be mindful of the heat and stay hydrated always. Coconut juice helps!

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