Final Tribute to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej: 25-29 Oct 2017

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Thai King Crematorial Ceremony
Image Credit: AFP

Important Tourists’ Information

As a tourist, you are not expected to wear black. However, many have opted to wear a black ribbon out of remark of respect. The only time a tourist would be expected to wear black is if they visited the funeral site on Sanam Luang or plan to attend one of the Royal Cremation Ceremonies in Bangkok and around Thailand.

Men must wear a black shirt, long black pants and black dress shoes. Denim pants will not be allowed. Women must wear a black blouse that is not tight, a black skirt that extends below the knees and black dress shoes. Wearing a sleeveless blouse or a spaghetti top will not be allowed.

On 30th October, government officials and members of the public can wear normal attire again.

cremation pyre Thai King
Image Credit: AFP

The Cremation Pyre

For months now, legions of Thai architects, designers, artisans, and craftsmen have been working on the funeral complex in Bangkok’s Sanam Luang field. This nine-spire structure is made of a series of golden pavilions festooned by thousands of elaborate sculptures, textiles, art works and sandalwood flowers. The crematorium’s pavilions will be filled with over 600 sculptures of gods and mythical creatures.

The concept for the crematorium was created overnight by two designers from the Thai Ministry of Culture. It was reported that Architect Theerachat Weerayuttanon and art technician Korkiat Thongphut were asked to start working on it mere hours after news of the 88-year old king’s passing was confirmed. Weerayuttanon and Thongphut had only 18 hours to deliver the ultimate tribute for a king whom many consider as Thailand’s greatest modern monarch.

The pyre will go up in flames with the king’s body at 10pm on Thursday (Oct. 26) after a series of symbolic ceremonies that starts at 5:30pm.