Dress Code – Temples and Palace Visits

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thailand-temple palace dress code

Temples and the Grand Palace visit is one of the “must-do” when you come to Thailand for the first time. Not only will you find and experience the rich history and culture of this country, you will also be blown away by the majestic architectures.

Did you know?
There are strict dress codes to be followed when visiting the Grand Palace and temples in Thailand. You will notice some of the signs seen below when you visit:

hailand-temple palace dress code 1 thailand-temple palace dress code 2

The general rule of thumb (for both men and women) is not to wear anything that exposes your shoulders, no shorts or mini skirts (length below knee – okay). For ladies who have a scarf and “happens” to dress in appropriately, you can cover the shoulders with the scarf (or used as a makeshift long skirt). Covered shoes are recommended, if you’re wearing sandals or flip-flops you must wear socks (i.e. no bare feet).

If anyone outside the boundary walls of the Grand Palace or temples says you’re improperly dressed, it will be a good idea to ignore them as it may be just another scam to try and get you into a Tuk Tuk to take you to a gem store. Normally, your dress code will only be checked after the ticket booths (prior to the entrance to the sacred grounds). If you need to borrow a scarf, it’s may cost you 100 baht (returnable deposit).

So the next time you visit Thailand and wants to visit the Grand Palace or any of the temples, do note the appropriate dress code!

Article contributed by Calvin Ng – Fitness Trainer and Online Business Coach