10 Year Visa Thailand – Seniors Preferred

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thailand-10 year visa

An initiative which started in 2016 is finally here – the much awaited 10-year visa for foreign retirees is now available, according to the top commander of the immigration police,  Lt. Gen. Natthathorn Prohsunthorn.  He said the new visa will come in two installments of five years each. It can be issued for foreigners from 14 countries who meet set condition (see below), such as having three million baht in bank account.

Intended to promote Thailand as a hub for medical services, the policy was approved by the interim cabinet in November 2016, according to spokesman Athisit Chainuwat.

Targeting affluent foreign residents over 50, this 10-year visa is now effective since . Foreigners can apply for it at their provincial immigration offices. For Bangkok and neighbouring provinces, it’s at Chaeng Wattana. Previously, retirees could only apply for visas that required annual renewal.

Although the new retirement visa has been available since early August 2017, Natthathorn said he has not seen any applications come across his desk so far.

But… staff members at the Immigration Division I headquarters in Bangkok seemed to be unaware of the change and did not believe the 10-year visas were available. Furthermore, no information about the new visa could readily be found on the site.

VISA Criteria – Applicants must either earn a monthly salary of at least 100,000 baht or have more than 3 million baht in their bank account, which cannot be withdrawn within the first year after receiving the visa. They must also have health insurance that covers hospital stays and provides at least USD$10,000 in annual coverage.

Visa holders will still have to check in every 90 days with the Bureau of Immigration, Athisit said.

 Thailand 10 year visa in brief:
– Over 50s only
– 14 nationalities eligible: Japan, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada and United States of America.
– Minimum 3 million baht in Thai bank account
– or combination of 1. 8 million in the bank and income not less than 1.2 million
– 3 million baht must be kept in account for one year, can be reduced to 1.5 million under certain conditions
– Criminal background check from country you hold passport
– Health insurance provided by Thai company, Outpatient coverage minimum 40,000 baht, Inpatient coverage not less than 100,000 thousand baht
– Not permitted to work
– Unlimited entry valid for 5 years
– Fee is 10,000 baht
– 90 day report still required.
– Visa issued in two 5 year periods

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